About Us



Stratosphere Brewing Company was inspired by people who simply love beer. There is no better way to indulge in a product you love than to own a company that produces it. We are motivated by the beer drinkers around us and the limitless opportunities to create great beer. 

So how did we get started? 

Back in the 90’s craft beer was not very big and only a few of the larger companies offered beer that in my opinion had any real flavor. The result, I started drinking imports with an emphasis on Brown Ales and Stouts. As a college student my budget could not really accommodate the price, so I thought the next best thing was to brew it myself. Keep in mind things were very different back then. Just to give you an idea, for one, I turned to the “phone book”.  For those that have never lived without Google it’s a giant book that got delivered to your door once a year to find businesses and peoples home phone numbers. In it I found the only local supplier of brewing equipment and ingredients. I immediately headed over to the “business” address and discovered it was someone’s residence. A bit confused, I knocked on the door and was told to go to the side door by the person that answered. A little skeptical and somewhat worried I headed over. I was greeted by a guy that seemed normal enough who lead me downstairs to the basement. Long story short, I luckily left alive with everything I needed to make my first 5-gallon batch of beer. 

With brewing came some good beers that I was able to enjoy with my friends while also having the satisfaction of brewing it myself. Once again, the cost and space to store it became an issue. I lived in New York City so my closet space where I stored both my beer and my killer 90’s wardrobe was limited. As time went on there was in influx of new beers that were actually really good and produced in the US. With that I became more of a consumer and less of a producer. Although I often thought about it, brewing took a backseat and I moved on in life.  

I left New York shortly after 9/11. For many reasons it was time for a new chapter in my life. I was fortunate to land in South Jersey where I met my wife, had my kids and met one of my best friends and now business partner Jason. If there’s anyone who loves beer as much as I do it’s Jay. He seems to be on a continuous mission to find new beer that neither of us have had before. Throughout that process we have had a lot of great beer and not so great. With every not so great beer would come the comment “we need to just do this ourselves”. With Jay’s constant push to make it happen we finally took the plunge. As a Union Electrician and a United Sates Naval Officer our goal is to always make great beer that is drinkable for the expert beer drinker as well as those just coming on to the scene. 

At Stratosphere we aim high because Sky’s the limit.


Chris and Jay,

Elevating the Craft